Dim Nedanovski


With a deep understanding of the interplay between digital platforms and sales, Dim works with you to leverage your digital media and create powerful synergies in your campaigns that will convert clicks and views to sales.

Dim has been intimately involved with the major changes in digital media advertising in their most organic and complex forms. Dim gets to the bare bones of your current digital campaign, distils the user and visitor data, unpacks the barriers to conversion and then implements a strategy that is focused, clear and geared towards optimising sales.

With over 15 years’ experience in Media, SEM, SEO and digital marketing as part of internal web design and search marketing, Dim combines his skill sets to deliver better leads and improved sales for clients in the finance, real estate, retail automotive, home improvement and professional services sectors.

Working within high pressure sales environments, bringing digital agency thinking backed by sales experience, he helped design and improve sales processes across various industries. The pinnacle of his success has been around the search, social display and website development for clients that improve their overall conversion rates and sales outcomes.

As a Digital Director, Dim will work with you to analyse your marketing and digital strategies and craft solutions that are underpinned by the core tenets of your success – hitting your target markets, attaining frequency and sustainable sales growth.