RCJ Welcomes Denise Spadafora to the Team

Russell Curtis & Janes Advertising welcomes Denise Spadafora to the RCJ Team.

A value-adding new professional to the team, Denise brings with her a wealth of operational and strategic expertise in communications, marketing, media management, business development, media strategy and planning.

Denise possesses well-developed experience with retail energy, private health care, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, retail and real estate clients – leveraging her deep media agency background to service large-scale clients. Denise works strategically and collaboratively with clients to understand their business needs at the molecular level. Partnering with businesses, drawing upon her digital media solutions nous and embedding strategies that are targeted, cost-effective and maximise marketability is the hallmark of Denise’s approach.

When working with clients, Denise devotes the utmost attention to assuring quality at every stage of the process, ensuring that all strategies are consistent with the brand’s needs and optimise opportunities for digital media expansion and reach.

Her particular strength is working with our large-scale clients, articulating the benefits of our media strategies to them and working together with them to craft sustainable and cutting-edge digital and traditional media solutions.