What are the benefits of using us a media agency?

  • Take advantage of exclusive offers and deals
  • Bi-partisan response – we work for you not the media –  we will get you the best deal that is right for your business
  • Make your big ideas become a reality

How can we make it easier for you?

  • No need to field all those pesky calls from media reps
  • We collaborate with your creative/brand agency to provide a unified response
  • We provide you with the why and the how
  • We can become the one stop shop for all your media needs

How do we respond to a brief?

  • We provide you with a brief that reviews all of the important KPI’s you need to meet for the campaign
  • We then review the brief and come back to you with a reverse brief to ensure we have understood all the key deliverables
  • If there are other interested parties such as a creative agency we will also review creative to ensure we are aligned with your business partners
  • We look at the who, the why and where and then proceed to brief in the appropriate media outlets
  • We review all responses to ensure they meet all KPI’s and negotiate with the media to deliver added value
  • We present this back to you in a proposal that highlights all the key aspects of the brief and provides relevant metrics and outcomes.

How do we act on strategy?

  • We look to understand the key outcomes of what we need to achieve
  • We start with the end in mind
  • We look for insights across a range of platforms, such as your own analytics/sales data as well as consumer behaviour and brand/competitive analysis.
  • Working closely with the client and understanding their core business needs allows us to act on strategic opportunities.
  • Strategy takes many shapes and forms; from buying TV in strategic placement and timing, to providing clients with long term media alliances to drive value

How do we maximise marketing dollars?

  • We are not a multinational organisation that looks to win awards that benefit the agency.  We are an independent agency that looks to see success in our clients.
  • Our Directors are business owners themselves that understand the value of a $.
  • We value the budgets are clients have to spend and look to see how we can drive ROI on every dollar spent.
  • Optimising every media buy and consistently reviewing the campaign allows us to be agile in our performance delivery, ensuring that our post reporting over delivers for the client.
  • Understanding the current media landscape and looking for new innovations from the media can often provide us with unique opportunities.

How do we create and promote fresh ideas and concepts?

  • At RCJ we run Think Tank sessions as a group often providing out of the box ideas and concepts to present to clients as “What If” moments.
  • No idea is a bad idea – looking to innovate and change things up is just who we are
  • We often look at what could be achieved as opposed to just reading a brief and answering what the client wants.  What the client wants isn’t often what the client needs.
  • We work closely with TV networks, radio networks and other media to be in front of the game so our clients get all the benefits.