If you are tired of the same old agency rhetoric,
speak to us for our original thinking.

RCJ is proudly known as

100% Australian owned and Independent.

A passionate team of diverse experts who understand media like no other agency.

Obsessed with client results and take measured, calculated steps to achieve them.

Focussed on maximising media dollars, delivering savings and growing our client’s profit.

Innovative in traditional and digital media and backed by research, insights and precision data.

Unrivalled in its industry experience with over 50 years working with international brands.

Our Legacy

There is no finish line. Even after 50 years we’ve only just begun. Our hunger for success is what drives us.

Since our inception in 1965, RCJ has continued to be original through 15 prime ministers, 7 changes of government, 3 economic downturns, 1 pandemic, the golden age of magazines, the rise of the technology era, the fragmentation of traditional media audiences…

…and the creation of 1000’s of media buzz words.

Throughout this change we have learned to be agile and seize opportunities to navigating the ever-evolving media landscape.

Today RCJ is a dynamic independent agency whose values and commitment to clients means we strive to create strategic, disruptive media solutions and deliver some of the best results in the marketplace.

We help our clients win which is why we still stand strong today.